Longoni Pool Cues

Longoni Pool Cues

* Dear customers due to the strong world wide demand for Longoni cues, the lead time for all longoni cues not in stock is approximately 30-40 weeks. We still have some Longoni cues ready stock so do hurry! Place your orders early for customers who would like to order a particular model. 

The Longoni Cue Company is a hallmark of the finest billiard cues. Each piece is designed, manufactured and assembled exclusively in Italy to grant a very high standard level of quality, which is their signature all over the world. They are well known for their antique cue making procedures combined with today's technology. They specialize in producing cues to meet every player's requirements and that's why some of the most well known professional players prefer Longoni, like World Champion Niels "The Terminator" Feijen. The Longoni footprint is all over Europe and is one of the top distributors for pool and carom products in the world.

BilliardCuesOnline is the exclusive regional distributor for all Longoni products.

T12 Leather Pelle (Ready Stock)
T12 Leather Pelle (Ready Stock) Sale
$1,780.00 SGD $2,000.00 SGD
T12 is the result of over two years of tests and improvements. Thanks with the essential support...
Longoni Cremona Carribean (Cremona Line)
Longoni Cremona Carribean (Cremona Line) Sale
$1,290.00 SGD $1,450.00 SGD
Cremona , with its "less is more" design, is the perfect cue for the lovers of technique....
Black Mamba Leather (Classica Line)
Black Mamba Leather (Classica Line) Sale
$2,400.00 SGD $2,800.00 SGD
Like a snake, the Black Mamba comes in the dark. Ebony joins micarta and turqouise inalys. A...
Magnifica (Limited Edition Luxury Line)
Magnifica (Limited Edition Luxury Line) Sale
$3,500.00 SGD $4,500.00 SGD
An elegant marquetery, made of soft tone flowers, enriches the black beauty of the Magnifica cue. The...
$150.00 SGD $190.00 SGD
Longoni 20 cm cue extension with the HPG grip. It is compatible with the Longoni 3 Lobite extension...
Longoni Cue Universal Extension (Pool / Snooker)
Longoni Cue Universal Extension (Pool / Snooker) Sale
$109.00 SGD $135.00 SGD
The Longoni Cue Extension is the best tool to have for those who have trouble reaching certain...
Longoni Skipper 2x4 Cue Case
Longoni Skipper 2x4 Cue Case Sale
$550.00 SGD $690.00 SGD
Longoni Skipper 2x4 Billiard Cue Case LONGONI CASE IN ABS WITH SKIN ROOM FOR 2 CUES AND 4...

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