About Us

At BilliardCuesOnline, we're an online billiard supply store offering a wide selection of Pool Cues, Snooker Cues and other Billiard related products for Singapore, Malaysia and the wider Asian region.

From economical to high-end models, we offer a wide range of cues and accessories to meet every skill, level, budget, style and playing need. We supply cues and accessories from top brands such as Riley, Universal, Dufferin, JFlowers, BCE, Aramith, Peradon.

As an e-commerce store, we know cues are such personal items and that reliable ordering and delivery is foremost on our customers' minds. Which is why as a company with over 20 years of experience, we're committed to ensuring our cues are properly packed, handled and shipped via reliable third-party courier services in Singapore. We're also a GST-registered company in Singapore and offer returns, just in case! 

But we don't just stop at providing a wide range of quality items - we're also committed to prices that are as competitive as you are, so that all players - whether casuals or champions - can enjoy cuesports, and you can focus on your performance. 

Browse through our selection or visit our physical showroom to test our cues today!